Monday, August 22, 2011

Colours to wear with different clothes..

Not sure  what colours in the eyes,lips,cheeks will compliment our clothes or vice on

Usally this is what i do

Pink clothes:

Wear pink eyeshadow,dark pink lipstick and dark pink blush  or all matchy matchy will make us like a clown
go for dark navy eye liner,light blue eyeshadow,light pink or purple lipstick.on cheeks go for baby pink or light purple blush like mac coygirl .

Blue clothes:

Wear all blue is a big no no..

go for complimentary colours like
pink,light purple .

Green clothes:

strictly no green e/s, eye liners .
Orange,red ,pink lipstick and blush.


wear brown lipstick,black eye liner,neutral eyeshadow,
terracota blush or bronzer.

Yellow clothes:

Wear bright orange,pink,red colours in face makeup.

Stick with browns,black in the eyes for that elegant look.
For cheeks use a light bronzer shade depending on our skin colour.
lips-light brown to medium brown ..

White clothes:

any colour suits white ..

Red clothes:

go for muted tones like beige/light brown since the dress is in red.
go for simple make up when wearing a red dress. Accentuate only the eyes with nude lips.

Brown clothes:

wear eyemakeup,lipstick ,blusher all in brown

go for black eyeliner,light brown eye shadow like maybelline chai latte,black mascara
lipstick go for a reddish brown not coffee brown or any dark brown..

This is what i follow.. depending on your skin tone darker or lighter shades can be used..

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