Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYX Jumbo pencils-Many ways to use it

lt to rt :Swatches of pots and pans,cottage cheese,black bean,strawberry milk

Eyeshadow Base-The main use of this pencil is as a base.
Use white eyepencil to line the waterline to make the eyes look bigger and  more awake.
Browbone highlighter
Inner corner brightner/highlighter
Eyeliner(least Favourite of mine due to its staying power and texture) but once set with loose eyeshadow stays put for hours..

Price: Around 250 rs (I bought all mine during sale for 160 rs)

Overall I like these but over hyped..

Review : Sun protection for lips from labello with SPF 30

 Just like our skin even our lips need protection from the harmful rays of the sun.
Before my summer vaction I bought this lipbalm ..It has a thick whitish texture and colour .Its water proof making it ideal to be worn during beach holidays.
I applied a thick coat under my normal lipstick which made the lipstick to last even longer.
Usually after holidays of continous roaming in sun my lips tend to become a little brown.With the usage of this lipbalm tanning in my lips were controlled.Thats the main reason I love this product.

Availability: Not sure about India.
May be available where Labello products are sold..

Price: Very reasonable below 120 rs.
 I was surprised to see in India that Himalaya lip balm at Rs 25 whereas the Nivea was around Rs 130 or so. Here in Dubai Himalaya costs a whopping 250rs and nivea is 70 rs!!!!

Rating: 5/5

Added to my definite repurchase list..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best of Bourjois

Finally I ve learnt to take close ups of my cosmetics without blurring the names...YEEE.
Actually learnt more about my canon digital IXUS camera in the last couple of days .. 
Now back to the track ...
 I got these 2 blushes which r bourjois's best sellers.Thats what the MUA claimed.
Apparently I read somewhere that 48 blush is one of their oldest being there from the late 1800's or early 1900's

The clubbing eyeliners are the best so far in terms of staying power and no smudge stays put for a cool 6hrs even in water line

2 out of the 5  eyepencils I got from chennai where it retails for Rs 335 and i got for 318rs.
The colours are Blue Neon and Green Insomniac.

center de rose brune and tomette

The rest of the eyepencils are from Dubai..In Indian rs its roughly 312 during sale..The price of the blush dont remember. But these 2 are some of the best blushes I love..

I didnt buy them all in a single go ..kept buying them in sale ..By now you should ve known that Iam a sensible buyer...

My USA Haul

The moment i heard my bro is heading to USA i mentally made a list of things i wud that I can save on shipping..He brought them carefully wrapped to India  as I was constantly reminding him to be extra careful .Finally after 2 long months I was able to lay my hands on these..

 Nars obsession..

lt to rt :Benefit sugar bomb,nars deepthroat and orgasm

highbeam swatch

Motives lipstick in rose petal..a freebie with naked pallette

I started with  Nars blush - Orgasm from the Nars website @ $29 or 30 dont remember ..what a waste ..Later I realised ordering from Ebay wud save me lots..

Then started my Ebay craze
Searched and searched and I finally got Nars Deep throat  for $17(incl shipping)
Benefit high beam(2 minis),posietint(2minis),Sugarbomb blush .
Seriously none show on my face overtly and  they are  very natural .
But not that grt as many say..There r much better blushes in Mac or Lakme ..

 I got this most sought after naked palette from  Urban Decay for $49 with a free  lipstick from motives, free stilla waterproff mascara,free eyeshadow in red (lousy sample) and a free hot pink small set of 3 brushes and the most famous UD eyeshadow primer trial size(both not shown in photo).Usually it comes with a dual ended eyepencil .Since I got freebies instead of the eyepencil  I didnt mind.
This is one great palette according to me..much better than many other natural palettes..

It didnt end here theres a COASTAL SCENTS haul too..Will post soon..
Hope you gurls like this and tell me abt ur fav's too..

My MAC Haul from Chennai

My annual vacation to Chennai is never complete without 20 kgs of cosmetics...LOL
This time it was great mainly becos i was able to get these from MAC which i was eyeing for a long time....Vacations are all about indulgence ...

The colour is like brick red shade but not very bright red/maroon

top:madly magenta,rt 2nd row -coygirl,dollymix,down NC 42 and Indianwood paint pot

rt to lft:madly magenta,dollymix,coygirl,indianwood paint pot,studio fix foundation in NC 42

Studio fix foundation in NC 42
Paint pot in Indianwood
Amplified lipstick in brick o la
Powder blush in Coygirl and Dollymix..The reason for buying coygirl was that I wanted Sakura from Quite cute collection , which they had only one left .But it had glitter in the middle which i thought i wont be able to carry off and this coygirl is an almost exact dupe for sakura sans the glitter..
Cream colour base in Madly magenta ..This is a lovely but shocking magenta which can be used in many ways starting from cheeks to lips to eyes.. Love it but i wont be able to finish this in this life time becos its tooooo pigmented.
Thanks to Rashmi and Anamika of and  for their reccomendations...

I hope I ve made the right choice ..What do u think? What r ur fav's from MAC?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lots coming up

My USA haul
My MAC haul
My Bourjois Haul

All after I return from my trip to Oman.. Cia

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to place an order in EBAY for Indian buyers..

I have bought many cosmetics through ebay namely Urban Decay naked pallette, benefit sugarbomb blush, Mac travel brushes, benefit high beam and poseitint .Nars blush in deep throat.

I want to share some ways to shop in EBAY carefully.
Before u start you shld have an ID in EBAY and have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT.
visit to reg ur credit card. Its very safe.
You can use Indian credit card registered in pay pal safely in ebay or other american sites.
paypal is like our Netsafe used by visa and HDFC bank.

For ebay buying goto search and type what type of item ( brushes,cosmetics etc)  u want .
You will get a list with price ,time to bid.max and min bid etc.
Check whether shipping is worldwide and in that see if  India  is covered
Enter ur bid if all these conditions r ok.
Its not acceptable to withdraw once u bid even though u can still do it..

Once ur done u will get email from ebay,ebay seller and paypal confirming ur purchase.

Our buy is protected by ebay protection  in case the seller cheats us or we dont receive the item our money is refunded fully back.

I hope this is useful for many and       HAPPY EBAY SHOPPING!!!!! 

This is the way in which i shopped in EBAY.

Be wise and users discretion advised when shopping online..

Purple EOTD using Maybelline -Time for wine quad.

Maybelline -Time for wine quad Rs 240 got for 232rs .

Rainbow nail design for short nails

A very simple design i came up after cutting my nails..

Apply any good quality base coat.I used deborah's smoothening base coat.
start ur french tip by making dots like clouds with a dotting tool.
once dry apply a small curved rainbow with blue,followed by yellow and red.let it dry thoroughly .apply top coat. we r done!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ebay haul -MAC Hello kitty Travel edition brushes..

I bid for these cute travel sized mac hello kitty brushes from a ebay seller .

I paid 10.98 $ which incl the shipping too.this seller does worldwide shipping .so i placed the order on jun 16h and finally recd  it on aug 20th..2 months of agonising wait.
But when i opened the pouch it was worth the wait.

cute travel sized editions of              
mac 187 se
mac 190 se
mac 168 se
mac 266 se
mac194 se
mac316 se
mac219 se   ..I washed it before using and no shedding,no colour running..Looks like an original brush set for me. i checked 3 times with the seller becos of it cheaap price and he confirmed that its an original.
Have u gurls ordered any mac brush set like this?
What do u think abt this ? letme know..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Colours to wear with different clothes..

Not sure  what colours in the eyes,lips,cheeks will compliment our clothes or vice on

Usally this is what i do

Pink clothes:

Wear pink eyeshadow,dark pink lipstick and dark pink blush  or all matchy matchy will make us like a clown
go for dark navy eye liner,light blue eyeshadow,light pink or purple lipstick.on cheeks go for baby pink or light purple blush like mac coygirl .

Blue clothes:

Wear all blue is a big no no..

go for complimentary colours like
pink,light purple .

Green clothes:

strictly no green e/s, eye liners .
Orange,red ,pink lipstick and blush.


wear brown lipstick,black eye liner,neutral eyeshadow,
terracota blush or bronzer.

Yellow clothes:

Wear bright orange,pink,red colours in face makeup.

Stick with browns,black in the eyes for that elegant look.
For cheeks use a light bronzer shade depending on our skin colour.
lips-light brown to medium brown ..

White clothes:

any colour suits white ..

Red clothes:

go for muted tones like beige/light brown since the dress is in red.
go for simple make up when wearing a red dress. Accentuate only the eyes with nude lips.

Brown clothes:

wear eyemakeup,lipstick ,blusher all in brown

go for black eyeliner,light brown eye shadow like maybelline chai latte,black mascara
lipstick go for a reddish brown not coffee brown or any dark brown..

This is what i follow.. depending on your skin tone darker or lighter shades can be used..