Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ebay haul -MAC Hello kitty Travel edition brushes..

I bid for these cute travel sized mac hello kitty brushes from a ebay seller .

I paid 10.98 $ which incl the shipping too.this seller does worldwide shipping .so i placed the order on jun 16h and finally recd  it on aug 20th..2 months of agonising wait.
But when i opened the pouch it was worth the wait.

cute travel sized editions of              
mac 187 se
mac 190 se
mac 168 se
mac 266 se
mac194 se
mac316 se
mac219 se   ..I washed it before using and no shedding,no colour running..Looks like an original brush set for me. i checked 3 times with the seller becos of it cheaap price and he confirmed that its an original.
Have u gurls ordered any mac brush set like this?
What do u think abt this ? letme know..


  1. nice one yaar, how to bid and buy on ebay??..teach me...i also want to buy a decent set of brushes and some other stuff too...

  2. hii vidhya.. lovely blog..
    even i'm looking for some mac brushes, but i hesitate buying on ebay i dunno why :-/ how have been these brushes so far ??

  3. upasana
    these brushes r grt for travel .i mainly bought for the stippling brush 187 far grt washed 4-5 times still soft..i think u can buy these for 11$ its a steal..

  4. Which ebay seller is this from? I have been looking for original mac stuff on ebay but i dont know which sellers to could you please help me by recommending ebay sellers you regulary shop from?

  5. @Swatiswati sorry for the delayed reply just saw it.I bought from ebay seller MYHUGO .He's promopt in shipping and replies quickly to any querry..hope this helps you.


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