Saturday, September 3, 2011

My MAC Haul from Chennai

My annual vacation to Chennai is never complete without 20 kgs of cosmetics...LOL
This time it was great mainly becos i was able to get these from MAC which i was eyeing for a long time....Vacations are all about indulgence ...

The colour is like brick red shade but not very bright red/maroon

top:madly magenta,rt 2nd row -coygirl,dollymix,down NC 42 and Indianwood paint pot

rt to lft:madly magenta,dollymix,coygirl,indianwood paint pot,studio fix foundation in NC 42

Studio fix foundation in NC 42
Paint pot in Indianwood
Amplified lipstick in brick o la
Powder blush in Coygirl and Dollymix..The reason for buying coygirl was that I wanted Sakura from Quite cute collection , which they had only one left .But it had glitter in the middle which i thought i wont be able to carry off and this coygirl is an almost exact dupe for sakura sans the glitter..
Cream colour base in Madly magenta ..This is a lovely but shocking magenta which can be used in many ways starting from cheeks to lips to eyes.. Love it but i wont be able to finish this in this life time becos its tooooo pigmented.
Thanks to Rashmi and Anamika of and  for their reccomendations...

I hope I ve made the right choice ..What do u think? What r ur fav's from MAC?


  1. aww :) thats an awesome haul ...
    i know you will rock brick - o - la and the blushes :D :D
    i still have to get dollymix .. its such an AWESOME shade Vidhya ....

  2. @RASHMIThanks dear ...u wont believe when i bought the dollymix i thought abt ur scarlet blush instantly ..but dollymix is such a lovely shade.iam in love with it now..

  3. yeahhh you are so right ..
    frankly scarlet is good but not a must have ... even i regret buying the color but :D :D
    and Dollymix is such a wonderful color :D
    gives perfect rosy cheeks :D :D


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